Over There has left the building.

Last night was the last of the Over There series. For anyone living under a rock for the past few months it was a drama series set in Iraq, following a bunch of recruits around on their first tour of duty.

It also followed the soldiers families and lives back home, cheating wives / husbands , soldiers going AWOL, partners with drinking problems but primarily about the war.

I have to say some of the shows were slow but the action scenes and sequences were second to none. Aparantly it took a lot of flack in the US because it hit a bit too close to home for all the families who have members serving overseas. Also i believe, although the series was made assisted by the US Army in terms of tactics and provision of machines and basic training, the higher echelon of US brass were not pleased with the storylines twist of insubordination and harsh language between ranks. So a second series hasn’t been commisioned, it’s hard to tell where the second season would go really. Sometimes these types of series are better off ending when people think they’re good instead of bounding on and ending on a fizzle instead of a bang! I will be watching out for the re-runs with my finger hovered on the record button…


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