Last night i did the run around when i got home, i still had a bit of energy so i decided to do a few things like taking all the glass to the bottle bank, tidy up around the kitchen, take last nights DVD back and i had to go down to Superquinns to get a couple pizzas for the dinner so i grabbed the shopping list that was there and decided to get those bits and pieces aswell.

Had a good sense of it all when i had everything done, came home to have dinner iron shirts for the rest of the week and basically take it easy, it does sound fun but this is as good as it gets! You have to have one or two quiet nights in!!

Good night on telly is a Monday, Lost is on, bit confusing but i have to say last nights episode was better than the last few that were on. Its one of those shows that moves like lightening or like a tortoise on valium! There’s no in-between!

Sleep wasn’t the best last night, i woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back asleep for 2 hours which was annoying. Work today was good, i feel like i’m making progress a bit. I’m getting to grips with the correspondance aspect of things anyways. Headed to the gym on my lunch today for an hour workout, feel very relaxed now i have to say, should have no problems sleeping tonight!


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