What a weekend!

One of those weekends where you don’t plan on having a mental one but as it goes on it just gathers momentum. I have to say its first weekend i’ve had in a while that i didnt have to do something on.

Headed out on Friday to have a few jars with my mate who’s home from France, he came home to do his driving test but failed it. Had a few pints but slopped off early enough as i had a funeral the next day.

Saturday i had to pick up one or two of the lads and head into Artane to it, a guy we know’s brother died, no biggy but just to be present on the day was necessary. Early enough of a finish which was handy, didnt hang around at all.

After a power nap i headed out with my brother for a few pints with his mates, ended up having a crackin night out. The few lads i know came down and we had a great laugh, a fair few pints and a lot of attractive women floating around as eye candy and a kebab to top it all off!

Sunday was a no brainer, picked up the parents from the airport and then sat around for the day. Had a bit of grub and vegged out..all in all a good weekend, havent had one in a while now…even have the leopard skin cowboy hat to prove it!


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