A history of violence

Got this dvd out last night, to be honest its not worthy of being called a film, it was more a case of someone threw together a series of ‘happenings’ and then put a sound track on it!

The plot, losely put, is about some guy who lives in Bumsville Arizona and is hiding from his past in Detroit where he was a killing machine of a mobster. His alter identity comes to light when he is shot to fame (no pun etc) when his diner is held up and he saves the day and becomes an all-american hero by shooting the two attackers.

A mob boss then visits him and his family bringing back his past,having seen him on the telly, he tries playing it off as mistaken identity but it transpires that the dude actually is ‘joey the whacko’ and has killed more people than i’ve had bowel movements…

The ending obviously looked good on paper and totally stunk on screen. A bucket load of gratuity killing and 53x couldn’t cover up this woaful plot and disaster that was ‘History of Violence’

Personally i will be telling everyone i can’t stand that it was a great movie!

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