late to bed – late to rise

My first day late on the job, was out training late last night so didnt hit the scratcher when i wouldve liked to. Also a mate of mine is back home for a couple days, mainly to take his driving test (which he has just informed me, he failed) so he was there last night which was a bit of craic seeing him, haven’t seen him in a couple of months, not a long time i know but i do miss him not being around the corner.

Woke up a bit late this morning but still well in time to make the 30+ min journey across town, couldn’t find my swipe card when i was leaving the house which annoyed me, i never take it out of the trousers i am wearing so i always know where it is, but of course the blasted thing has grown legs and disapeared!

So i turn up at the car park, actually not as late as i thought i would be and its begining to look alright, when i realise i need my swipe to get from the underground carpark to the lift, some times the builders have left it ajar but no my luck is out and the thing is locked shut. I contemplate getting back into the car and driving to the main carpark a bit away and walking around but that’s too much hassle. Thankfully someone coming out opens the door from the inside and i’m in like flynn.

Have to say the HO isn’t too bad, a large intake of water has the head reasonably fresh i have to say, its just the initial getting out of bed i’m finding a problem!


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