Fire Drill and a New Clean Desk!

I have to say i’m happy floating around the office doing my own bits and pieces. I’m learning about the filing and correspondence and all that goes with it. Im looking forward to going to my first major meeting now next week, plus throw in the added bonus that it’s going to be a long weekend due to the aul easter thing! It’ll ding dang doo for me thank you vvery much!

Throw in a payday and im a very happy camper! Went across to the shops on my lunch and bought a new shirt in top shop and slacks for work in Dunnes, the trousers were marked 15 bob and brought them up and bada bing…down to a tenner! A winner all round! Tomorrow im back in the gym for some training , im going for a 3 day a week training schedule, twice at the gym and then once in the pool / steam room, il increase it as it goes along but i might as well use the hour lunch for something constructive.

Friend of mine is back from France for a couple days but will hardly get the chance to see him, might head out for a pint tomorrow night…


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