Like a brick!

Third day on the job now and it seems like my head is about to explode, the girls in the job are being as good as they can with showing me the ropes but i really feel i need to get in and do things to remember them. The phones don’t ring at all compared to my old job, kind of reflects how much of my last job was dealing with irate people over the phone.

A lot of correspondence and filing and meetings, this is the bit now that im fairly out of touch with because in the last place we didn’t file anything and if we had to write to anyone it was generally by email or didnt warrant a higher grade to sign it etc. ANYWAY without boring you it just seems like im a long way from Kansas! The commute is working out grand but bear in mind its only day 3 in the big brother house, check back with me in a couple weeks!

Yesterday i went to the gym for the first time and got set up with my membership and everything, used the gym for an hour and it was fairly decent, loads of free machines and the changing rooms are second to none! Today i’m going to go for a swim at lunch and see how i get on…must inflate my armbands…


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