Blanchardstown here i am!

Today was my first day in the new job. Was very anxious last night, a bit like my first day in school, lunch box and beaker under the arm and ready to go. The first bit i was worried , if thats the right word, was the commute over. I didn’t know how long it would take me but i zoomed over in a little over a half an hour. It wasnt a bad drive either, only one stop for traffic lights that was more than 10 minutes but the rest was free moving.

Happy with first impressions of the office im in now, its all women apart from the boss, they all seem nice and are very helpful, i really feel like a fish out of water. I had gotten to a point in my old job where i was on top of my game and was comforable with handling any queries. This seems more job spec for the place im in. It involves meetings and more dealings with elected members. I’m not 100% sure where exactly where im gonna be at, very much flapping around at the moment!

First day under my belt, to return home now, see how long it takes me to commute home!


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