get ready for the roasting..

Today wasnt a bad day in work at all, i can feel it now, people are ringing me and wishing me the best in the new job. Got the word around for my few drinks tomorrow, should be a good turnout and a good laugh. i tell ya i am going to miss the office and the people. We were just remembering a few of the laughs we had with the temp staff during the summer.

Asked a load of the lads from the depot, the delivery guys and the foreman. I doubt that many of them will go, they don’t like to socialise really with the administration crew. Either way they wished me the best.

Last night i got a phone call off one of the higher up guys in the Unit, informing me that i may possibly be the fall guy for tonights talk with the CO. He told me not to worry about it just get on with it and take whatever they throw at me. He said it might go on file and could effect promotions, i.e. be brought up at an interview for courses etc.

I have to say i didnt sleep too much last night worrying about the whole thing but nothing i can do now but sit back and let what happens happens. He did say in my defence that the officer will have a file on front of him that shows that i turn up for everything and he knows that i have a first class attendance.

I’ll have to let you know tomorrow how it all went however!


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