In a spot of bother with the aul greens. Got a message i have to stand tall before the big man tomorrow but i thought i was the only person to get it, aparantly there are more which i dont feel too bothered with anymore. Its about the mess of orienteering that went on at the weekend. I dont know why im being called in about it, i found out at the last second i was entered in it , of course i was down in Galway when i found out so i did agree to be back for it but in the end i didnt so aparantly the person who was supposed to pick up a few of the lads and bring them in slept in! Now why they want to talk to me about it i’ll never know, well i’ll have a fair idea now after tomorrow night!

On the up side i went to sus out the gym beside my new job in blanchardstown, my god it was one of the nicest looking places i’ve seen in a long time! it makes the gym im a member at the moment look like a complete DUMP! As soon as i came back i rang up with the credit card details and got my membership. Machines and Weights a plenty and theres a lovely looking 25 meter pool there. Im really glad now and i hope i stick at it enough through the year. All of a sudden im half looking forward to going to this new job, the excitement is kicking in!


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