The final Countdown (hum tune)

That was my last Monday working in this department, it’s begining to kick in now that i’m on my way out. I’ve looked into getting myself membership of the gym that’s next to the new offices im moving to. There’s a special deal for 325 euro for the year which works out dandy, i’ve heard good things about the place and i’m sure it won’t be mad busy for the lunch times.

Still no word about what section i’ll be working in when i get there but the boss here is trying to sus it out for me. Sent out my email to everyone in the office about a few beers this Friday, planning on heading out for a few bevvies after work on Friday and then i have to go to a "surprise" 40th that night, one of the lads in the army is having it , i cant imagine that i’l be in a fit shape by the time i get there, having started drinking at 4.30 in the day!

I suppose i better start concentrating on cleaning up my desk, you can normally not make out the wood on the desk so il have to partake in some tactical filing , i.e. throwing a loada gear in the bin! Let the games begin…


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