A+ Hell

I dunno if i blogged the fact that i passed my A+ hardware exam, was a tough enough exam , really put the effort in though on the study the day before and got a decent enough pass. I was well relieved by the whole thing, only one guy failed out of the class, a quiet enough guy whos been in IT a fair few years. Everyone was fairly shocked, in the end of the day you can be pretty great at your job but when it comes to the theory end of things you can easily fall down into the rut of bad habits and short-cuts.

Next Monday week i have my second exam, the Software side of it. Now we had the same 6 days training for it but i have to say the trainer was a shadow of the man we had for Hardware. He kinda reminded me of David Brent from the office, he was a very intelligent kinda guy but in the end he was always tryin to be funny and make us laugh. He barely covered any of the content and didnt use the book more than twice. He introduced us to a load of 3rd party programs like DAMEware and VM ware and the use of virtual machines, its as if he was selling us the idea!

Bottom line is that we have the exam in a couple of weeks and im only after getting my hands on some test questions from TestKing off a girl in my class and at first glance a lot of it is new to me! Where as i had an idea of the hardware modules and some of the class info stuck with me absoloutly NOTHING has clicked when i look at these questions…

There’s some hard study ahead! :-\


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