Wednesday we took some time off work and drove down to stay in Galway for a couple of nights. We got a special deal in the Great Southern Hotel on Eyre Square for the two nights. It had been about 5 years since i was down in Galway with the lads, the place hasnt changed much bar the fact that they are ripping the whole of Eyre Square up. The pubs and restraunts are exactly the same, well as i remember anyhow!

Needless to say a geansaí load of pints was had and we went exploring up the coast of Galway and enjoying the break. On the last day we decided to drive down to Lahinch in Co Clare and stay another night, i had spent a lot of holidays as a kid there and thought it was a fairly good spot! We took in all the sights on the way down to Clare, the Ailwee Caves and a couple of ancient sites dotted around the Burren, very much doing the touristy thing! Lahinch is very much a season town, with a championship golf course and a lovely beach but the other parts of the town are a bit run down, things are never as you remember them as a kid! We stayed in a hotel that resembled fawlty towers and just went out and had a rake of pints and a walk along the prom.

A nice break overall and was relaxed when i came back, i was a bit down at having to use the annual leave up but in the end ya need to take a breather once every now and then! I definitly will be headin off down the country a bit more, its not a cheap hobby but takes the hassle out of having to book with travel agents etc.


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