near the final lap

Tomorrow im off for a couple days, im going to Galway to use up some of my Annual Leave in work, also to get a bit of a break before i start in my new job. It’s begining to hit me now about my new job, when i come back from Galway i’ll only have one week left in the office here and then i’m starting in my new job in Blanchardstown.

I have started to arrange my leaving do for Friday week, few of us are heading out to the local for a few pints. It’s funny how you think when your leaving, you begin to wonder what the people you worked with really think of you. It’s all well to say well we’ll miss you but we’ll they be thanking their lucky stars that i’m gone? Will the place be a bit more dull for me leaving? It’s hard to tell…i know one thing, for all the fuss they make out of your role in an office, as soon as your gone they just get some other pleb to replace you. Some people in the place i work in are convinced that the whole pace will fall down around them if they dont show up or are away, this couldnt be further than the truth, i learned this very early on working here.

I will probably be talking over the next few posts on this about how i’m feeling leading up to being transfered, i know it isn’t a big deal, but already i am beigining to feel nervous in a ‘first day at school’ kind of way. But i also know that the change of environment and people i deal with on a day to day basis will be exciting and fresh. Where it goes from there is anyones guess…


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