An eventless weekend, Friday had me in college taking my A+ hardware exam which i passed. Was delighted with that. Only a couple of the class failed so overall a good result. Was a weight off my shoulders, was fearing the whole failure thing. I did a fair bit of swotting the day whatever stuck in my head stood to me. I have my software exam now in a months time, this one i am worrying about. Our lecturer wasn’t the best at all. I can only compare him with David Brent from the Office, he was there purely to make people laugh and we didn’t cover a whole lot. I think we looked at the course manual a couple of times in the 6 days we were there!

Other than that i was training with the army on the saturday, bit of a clusterf*%k in the end but we got out of there early enough which was handy, they have the ability to keep you standing around doing nothing for hours on end. Wasted the evening by dropping a lad up to Dundalk, returned home at 11 so it was too late to head out with the lads. Instead i did a Brigid Jones on it, opened a bottle of wine and flaked on the couch!

But over all not too bad, on Sunday morning i did manage to get up bright and early to go to the gym (part of the new years resoloutions). Did some weights for an hour, not getting back running just yet, my feet are still bruised from the competitions i ran a fornight ago.Still trying to get to grips with updating this blog, the whole key is keeping it going i spose, it splain obvious i have nothing to write about!  😉


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