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Been a fair while since i updated this. Many reasons and excuses why but few that i can remember. One of the main ones is the course i’m doing has had me in college for a couple weeks running. I’m taking the hardware classes in the A+ which is hard enough but with the right amount of study i should be A-OK. Of course taking the days in college has me out of work which means a whole lot of catch up when i get back in!

No sign of me getting promoted yet, they say once the panel moves i’l be gone out of the department i’m in, in a way i feel weird about it. if i get moved to the other head office it means a commute to work, i wouldnt mind moving, a change is always interesting and workin with new people will take away the every day drone!

Nothing else to add, a lot of invoicing going on and i’m up to my neck and the office is crazy!


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