Back to the grindstone..

Back in work yesterday. As soon as i made it into the office i could tell it was gonna be shit. The atmosphere was tangible and everyone was goin around with a face like a smacked arse!
I mean i dont mind at all but the job is paying for my course so i have to go away to do it! You’d swear that i was pullin a sicky. And there are people who disappear for weeks on end on sick notes when it’s plain obvious to everyone there isnt one thing wrong with them!

Settled in to gettin rid of the stack of stuff on my desk and got on with the day as best i could. So many payments and things i commited to doing before christmas are still there to be done! :-\

At least it’s good to get back into the routine of it all. Watching what i am eating aswell…so i am keeping check on my new years resoloutions! Instead of the usual Special K, Toast (dripping with butter) and tea and sometimes a sausage i have gone for Ryvita crackers and jam and a cup of tea and keeping my lunch small and simple. Hand in hand with my indoor soccer game on sunday night i should be losing one or two pounds 😀


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