Ice Skating

After college this evening we headed off to go Ice Skating i nthe RDS in Dublin. Have to say i was a bit warey, see what you have to understand is its in my nature to think that what ever can go wrong …WILL go wrong!

We arrived and got sorted out and it was time to hit the ice…now i went ice skating two years ago and it was a carbon copy. I resemble a calf being born and then trying to walk on oil…i clutched the edge for the better part of 20 mins. When i got a gist of it i managed to push myself off with my right foot and move for a couple feet at a time. I witnessed a few bad falls and was too afraid to go hell for leather, in the end i had to be assisted around but i did make a fair decent few laps on my own propulsion!

I’d go again…but not in a hurry!


1 Response to “Ice Skating”

  1. 1 eXtreme Sports April 30, 2006 at 4:19 am

    Wow, I really dig your blog man. It’s so cool your into sports like that. I wish I had the guts to do the same. I dared to make a website about it: eXtreme Sports, Greetz Xtreme!

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