Poker and Tantrums

Last night we had a poker night, usual situation occured…a platter of Corona and a shit loada pizza. I have to say i was pretty wrecked to start with after coming back from town and into work till ten so, add on the fact that im chewing down UNI FLU tablets like they were going out of fashion.

We played 3 games, to be honest it wasn’t a good vibe at all, there was too much crap talk and in the end i was being wound up something awful after winning the game on a chip count.The right buttons were pressed and at the end of the night i jokingly spurt out some shit about some one ‘bottom dealing’, so all hell breaks loose i leave the room grab my gear and bid them good night and walk home, i realise when i hit the scratcher how tired i actually am. I feel bad for the whole thing but in the end he knew exactly what he was doing by hittin the buttons. I was like a coiled spring at the end of the night.

bonus tho, no hangover 😉


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