the hump of the week

Last night saw me checking my email and bits and pieces and the flaking at home, G had gone to her families, I escaped that with my argument that I was pure tired…also I don’t think she wanted me there in a way because the more and more the day went on the more grumpier I was getting. At the end of work I just couldn’t bare it, I was in tatters. Slept for a couple hours and then got up for an hour and read for a while and then nodded off again, slept like a baby on valium to be honest. Knee deep into my new book, a new Ross O Carroll Kelly one, have to say its hillarious. Found it very hard to put it down. Similar to his other books but if you have read them you actually grow with the guys charactor, even though he’s mentally the asme age as a toddler.

Office is beginning to resemble Beirut in here, I think the General Public can just smell the blood and are moving in for the kill. A lot of similar calls but with different out comes. Its been another long day but I have to say after a full nights sleep last night I was better prepared. Resoloutions are going on track…for lunch i’m down to a pint of milk and a yohgurt and for breakfast instead of my usual fry or butter loaded toast i just had special K, one of the girls i go to tea with suggested that if i kept it up for a couple of weeks i can drop a jean size….complete steamer! : )

Tonight im going to head up to the gym to break myself in gently, im gonna go up for a steam and sauna. Then for a week off work i’m in college taking another part of my Diploma Course in Computer Studies…it’s going so so, i’m enjoying it so far but have this fear of failing :-\

and to boot i think im coming down with a cold….


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