New Year – Ba hum bug

Third day of January in and here I am sitting in my chaotic office, totally drained of all energy and aching all over. Last night saw me counting the dots on the ceiling and eventually nodding off at bout half four only to be woken up at 7.45 by the alarm. Its good to get back into the routine but what usually is the three o clock slump here in the office officially happened about 11am! SHATTERED!

New years resolutions? I was thinking about getting back to the gym, having already committed to play an indoor soccer game on a Sunday night again I really need to get back into shape. It seems everything now is making me short of breath! I need to get back into shape and try get rid of this pot belly I’ve been cultivating over the past few months. It will take time but I’ve done it before, all I need is the sticking power. I don’t even think its the junk im eating I think its just the stress and lack of complete exercise. I always was a bad eater but was always in the gym or running around doing something. The fact that the fridge is stocked with beer now and the ease at which im emptying the stuff down my neck is alarming could be a major point. So here’s what I have put together so far;

#1 Health & Fitness: Get rid of the belly and get more physically fit and also look at what i am eating and what i can cut out of my diet more.

#2 Take more time for myself and not be pushing the limit and trying to work every minute of every day.

#3 Help more around the house with my partner.

#4 Make a bigger effort to be organised and on time.

Now its anyones guess how much i actually accomplish with these goals, later hopefully if it gets going i hope to set myself particular goals. As they say….watch this space…


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